Medical Supply Requests

We have medical supplies for your medical mission, community organization, school, or for home health care.

Global Edge Initiative’s Health Medical Supply Program provides a wide range of medical supplies, machines, and equipment to an individual, organization or as a shipping container in exchange for financial donation.

We provide supplies to vocational schools, medical missions, colleges, churches, shelters, and individuals. Whether your need is big or small, GEI is here to help. If you are looking for crutches after an accident, needles for your lab, beds for your clinic, or a few duffel bags of supplies for your medical mission, we can help. Some items are individually priced, including beds and machines, while other items are subject to the $2/lb. program. These items are collected, weighed, and a donation value is determined based on the total weight. We ask for a minimum donation of $50 dollars per organization. We have supplies ranging from respiratory, to wound care, to surgery and orthopedics. Need-specific lists are included below. To submit a request for supplies, please fill out the appropriate form below and schedule an appointment. This will help us better prepare for your visit and we will be in touch shortly.

Schools/ Organizations

If your organization is in need of supplies for your school program or clinic, please view our item list here.

Medical Mission

If you are part of an organization preparing for a local or international medical mission, you can view our available items, here.

Home Health Care

If you or an individual in your care is in need of medical supplies for home health, you may look at our list of available supplies, here.