Our vision is to improve community health and protect the most vulnerable women, children, and the elderly.


Global Edge Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing under-served communities with health care solutions, community outreach programs, and sustainable development.


Integrity, Accountability, and Harambee (Pull together)

You can create a world

where every child has a chance to dream

At GEI, we strive to provide children with access to affordable, quality health care, and a fun learning environment so that they flourish and grow into productive members of society. We collect and distribute toys, playground play sets, and school supplies to underserved communities so children can enjoy their childhood wherever they are in the world.


  1. Donation: $0.00 / $32,000.00
    Medical supplies often require to be delivered in remote places with poor road network. Our goal for this campaign is to ensure that medical assistance is delivered to the neediest in difficult to access locations.
  2. Donation: $0.00 / $159,050.00
    Every individual has the right to eat at least one meal a day. Due to the on-going refugee crisis in Syria tens of thousands...
  3. Donated: $0.00
    The Just for Kids (JFK) campaign seeks to collect toys, books, and Playground swing sets for redistribution to kids in low income and underserved communities.

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We can Change everything together

When a community gets access to clean water, it can change just about everything. It can improve health increase access to food, grow local sio economies, and help kids.


We’re extremely proud of what we can achieve when we harness the combined effort of charities, local communities, and kind philanthropists for a common purpose. Every cent raised in this effort is designed to touch the lives of those who seek need the help most.





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At GEI, we endeavor to provide rural schools with supplies to enhance their learning capacity. Laboratory  and  library supplies allow rural schools to stay competitive with their more affluent counterparts....


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